January 21, 2020

Eventually that which obscures the truth is removed.
Truth lives forever. Falsities eventually die. To the animal everything is true. The human, on the other hand, has learned the false and must sift the way to Eternal Truth. We ask for help from the One that knows.


January 20, 2020

Yoga signifies a state of consciousness, a state of Being in its purest form. 

Yoga also signifies the practice to help us get to that Union state of pure Being-ness.

That is where we experience and full realize our True Nature, also known as Self-realization.  It sounds...

June 17, 2019

My Dad told me, some years ago, that he sees his role as a father very much in the way Khalil Gibran explains in "The Prophet," "On Children."   This is everything I need as a daughter - and everything I could give to my children.

"On children" by Khalil Gibran

An E...