Yoga in the Workplace: Make it Happen - Let it Happen. Win Either Way.

Life seems complicated. Every single day, with the exception of Saturdays, I spend a focused 45-75 minutes with groups of people who are doing something about life. So everyday we either pack ourselves together in a small room or spread out in a big one, and then yoga happens. Yoga, happening in the middle of the workday in a huge corporation! Everyone else outside of the four walls that secure us are eating, working, texting, meeting, talking, wishing. Hundreds of people in the same buildings and thousands on the same campuses are going busily about their day while we are stopping everything. I know what people have to do to orchestrate their day to come to lunchtime yoga classes. I ha

Nesting Your Reasons for Practicing Yoga

"She's going to jump!" "Don't do it," one of the GM employees said part jokingly as if she could hear him through the large glass windows. "It's not worth it!" Even if she could hear him, she'd never understand. People trickled in, setting up their yoga mats and observed the drama unfolding. I realized the class needed closure about the events taking place outside before we began and apparently so did I. "What's going on with the goose?" I fished. One of the two Canadian geese jumped, which we fathomed was the female, and landed into the basement patio. The partner watched from above. The goose was panicked and confused, searching as if in disbelief. "It was just here," you could alm

Offering Time to Others and Finding Time to Serve Ourselves

"Are you a registered voter?" the young activist soliciting his cause held his clipboard. He made his case and asked if I'd be willing to sign the petition for it after I leave the Ann Arbor District Library. I was there to get work done while waiting for an evening lecture just down the road. "Why not take care of it now?" I questioned, proud that I like to get things done. His partner searched for the appropriate clipboard with my county, so the young man with a cause stalled and asked so cheerfully despite standing next to the rain for some time, "So, how's your day going?" Normally I answer that question with "Great!" and then follow that with a funny remark, an astute observation, or

Connect to the Magic of Early Spring with Two Meditative Activities

Early spring! When the world around us can feel the subtle change in temperature as the sun spends more time and energy in our region on Earth! This is a magical yet short-lived moment and I would like to make a couple of suggestions to help you connect to this magical moment. Below you'll find two activities which I suggest doing in order for the first time. After the first time you do these activities, make a point of doing one or the other whenever you can make the time. Each activity can take as little as 2 minutes, but give yourself as much time as you can. I'm posting this on April 10 after snow accumulation in the northern region of Metro-Detroit! In the morning I took pictures of

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