The Value of Your Attention

Your attention is your greatest asset and everyone is trying to get it. Your partner, children, boss, parents, family members, friends, are all trying to get your attention. You agreed, on some level, to give them your attention. In some way, you all agreed, and you have chosen to give your attention in exchange for theirs. Others are trying to get your attention and you don't know who they are. You haven't chose to have a relationship with these people, but they're forcing their relationship on you. For example, advertisements are everywhere and they are forcing themselves on you. It sounds violent, doesn't it? It sounds like a physical assault, actually. It very well is a form of a

The Internal Dialogue in Yoga

This week, at the GM Tech Center & Renaissance Center classes we began our yoga practice standing. It's always a funny way to start, because at least half of the class wants to lie down or retreat from their workday in child's pose. I wanted to start a little differently, even in standing, so we started as if everyone was still at work. I asked that we stand on the mat as if still at work on the job. We'll call it "I'm at work posture." Then we observe ourselves, noticing how the body is positioned and shaped and how it feels to stand this way. From my perspective, people stiffened up and looked alert. The room felt taller and out of order a little bit, everyone standing so differently

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