Focusing on Inner Light

ANYONE, spiritual teacher or not, who focuses on the inner light within, whether in one's self or in others, focuses on the goodness within us all. The focus is not on the clouds that cover up the goodness, but the goodness itself. We have many examples of people like this in our lives, people who may not hold a title of spiritual teacher, and we can look towards them, especially when we we have a tendency to focus on the clouds (harmful tendencies, etc) in ourselves and others. There is always light on the other side of darkness. Who do we know that focuses on the good in other people rather than dwells on their evil or harmful qualities? This is a quality, an ability, a skill a power, th

"Please Stay on the Path"

"There is freedom in commitment." Some years ago, I heard this phrase for the first time from T. Harvey Ecker. Once this concept is verbalized in the mind, accepted and practiced, it's truth is clarified. Then, commitment starts to make more sense as a go-to-strategy in life. In my commitment to yoga and theosophy, to motherhood, to truth and love, to living up to the highest virtues and ideals, I feel free in that at least I know what to do, what to work on. And when I feel a set back, when I feel I have temporarily failed, I, without question, try again, but with more energy and love to fuel it. Commitment simplifies life's complexities I'm committed and I will stick with the commitments I

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