Sifting to the Eternal

Eventually that which obscures the truth is removed. Truth lives forever. Falsities eventually die. To the animal everything is true. The human, on the other hand, has learned the false and must sift the way to Eternal Truth. We ask for help from the One that knows. Inspired by the Sanskrit Mantra "Asato Ma" also known as "Shanti mantra" or "Peace mantra" from the Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad. Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

Yoga as a Practical Path

"Yoga" signifies many things: Higher states of consciousness that differ from our everyday waking life; a higher state of being; knowing ourselves in a more pure form; the actual "practice of yoga" which helps us reach these higher states of consciousness. Yoga is a path to experiencing and realizing our True Nature. This is the path of Self-realization. It sounds all grand and lofty and we often say to ourselves: "Yah... right. Not today. I just want to be more active, lose a few pounds and get rid of my low back pain." I understand that. I began the practice for the physical aspect in 1997 first for those very reasons, and found, pretty quickly, that my mind, the mental aspect, was a

It is Not Mine to Keep

When there is pain and unrest, looking inside and being with it, I see what I yearn for. I ask about that yearning, and eventually, point to the desire that is creator of that yearning. I give the desire away for it is not mine to keep. Excerpt from Journal Entry on January 18, 2020 Photo by Abhinav Srivastava on Unsplash

The First Mark

I am itching to create But there's a boulder in my way. Who put it there? The one who is distracting her Self. I sit alone more than I used to. No one by my side but little ones, sometimes. I sit quietly and fidget. No distraction but "me." "Lovers may leave us, husbands and wives may die, friends can move away, but creativity is faithfully ours if we honor our solitude by diving to realms that are deeper, freer and more complete than our surface lives. Once we know the way we can come home to it anytime we wish - if we make the first mark. Don't think. Don't look down. Just dive!" -Barbara Feldon, "Living Alone & Loving It: A Guide to Relishing the Solo Life" Soon, I'll move again. There

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