Weathering Any Storm

Let nothing stop you from going within and finding your strength, your peace, your ability to weather any storm. Today was a windy day. A couple nights ago I had a dream that I was standing in my previous house which was built in 1925, looking out the window. It was a windy day and houses began to lift out and fly across the neighborhood. I was afraid my house would fly, but I looked closer and noticed a pattern: only the new houses were flying, completely detaching from their foundations. In the dream I realized that the older homes were more established and "their roots" were "more firmly planted." To me, this dream says many things, but I like to see it as a reminder that the ancient and

Calmness Can Begin as an Attitude

"...the attitude of the mind is everything." -Paramahansa Yogananda Of everything to do now, despite the common sense of the day, it is to seek peace and calm within ourselves. Calmness can begin as an attitude, but as we practice this way of being, it strengthens and it leads the way to a deeper and deeper sense of peace and true wisdom. Yoga is a way to realizing that our true nature is not how we feel; anxious, worried, happy, angry. On the contrary, those attitudes prevent us from knowing our true nature. This is the time to get to know ourselves on deeper levels. Use this opportunity to seek the peace that lives within and cultivate an attitude of constant calm. It isn't easy, and that'

Sound and Music for Today

Sound is so important. What are you listening to these days? Music? News? What you listen to is so important and affects you on many levels. Be careful with sound. It took me years to realize how sound was affecting me negatively: sounds of the news, talk radio, humming of refrigeration. It's been years since I've listened to the news partly because of this. Have you ever noticed echoes of talking chatter lingering in your mind well after you stopped listening to talk radio, watching TV, or the news? It's not your imagination. While tolerating certain sounds is more possible for me now, it requires a careful process of separating sounds from my consciousness so they don't affect me. It's eas

The Source of Your Strength

"Great things are produced first in the mind... There is no limit to the power of your mind." - Paramahansa Yogananda Thank you for hanging in there with me. I've sent you so many e-mails recently and a couple people got fed up and unsubscribed. It's not the first time and I totally appreciate and support unsubscribing to irritating things. On the flip side, I also appreciate the kind words many of who have shared with me now and in the past and I am also glad that these live-stream sessions have benefited you in some way. I can give you my perspective on all that's going on, but at this time, the most important thing I can say is this: There is always craziness in the world, and each of us

Love and Reflections on Prayer

"Whatever I do, I do with the greatest love that I have in me." -Paramahansa Yogananda Over the past few months I have learned how to pray. It's big news for me because I banned the word "pray" from my vocabulary for years and now I use it carefully. I'm glad I had banned it because it's a word, like so many, that we can easily take for granted, misunderstand, and misuse. I didn't believe in prayer because I hadn't learned the true power of it. Now, I do not take the word for granted. When something upsets us or is emotionally painful, there is value in removing it from our lives, especially when it's tainted with misunderstandings that are born in childhood. I did that with prayer. I've fou

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