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Vision Board Practice

The Vision Board Practice is a commitment.  The exciting news is that "commitment will set you free."  We'll talk more about what that means in class.


With this level of commitment, it will serve you immensely to identify your  learning style, because you're about to teach your subconscious mind some new and amazing things.


To do so effectively, you must be able to relate to the board that you create.


Please click this link to take the VARK QUESTIONAIRE to help you clearly identify if you are a visual, auditory, read/write, or kinesthetic learner.  


In addition take the time to let me know your result by writing in the message box:

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There are TWO super-important items that require your attention for your success.

   Bring the following



A journal/notebook & pen 


One or two magazines of your choice

Very important if you are a visual learner.  I am a kinesthetic learner and use MS Publisher to create my board all in writing and no images.  

To be safe, bring a couple magazines regardless of your learning style.


Laptops are welcome

If you test as a kinesthetic or read/write, a word processor may prove more useful to you than a vision board with images.


A picture of your current vision board if applicable

If you've already created a vision board for the year and are attending this class to make your board more effective, take a picture on

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“Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference.” - Joel Barker

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