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December 15, 2018

January 19, 2019

6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Yoga Nidra

...is a deep state of relaxation in which you are awake, and yet, you go deeper and deeper.


To help you achieve this state, I begin 2-hour yoga nidra workshops with a one-our restorative yoga class and follow it with guided meditation, visualization, and sounds of crystal singing bowls to help you go deeper.

Being guided into this deep state means that deep relaxation is readily available to you.

The yoga nidra workshops I offer are a practical method for restoring body and mind.

Class is located at:

The Theosophical Society

27745 Woodward Ave

Berkley, MI 48072

What's the value of deep relaxation anyway?

A deep state of relaxation helps you body restore, regenerate, and regulate itself more effectively.  Learning to engage, and often engaging the relaxation response, helps us better deal with potentially stressful situations, feelings, thoughts, and therefore come into a clearer and more calm way of thinking.  When relaxed, we can focus on what matters.

10 reasons why DEEP RELAXATION matters 

1.  When you are in deep relaxation, your body slows down.  EVERYTHING about it slows down which means many of it's functions will be done more carefully and completely.

2.  Your breathing rate slows down.  Your body demands less oxygen.  Instead of using up oxygen when you're thinking, stressing out, or moving around and doing things, you give your body a full and fair chance to use oxygen more efficiently for the body's processes.  This includes supplying the brain with more blood which will serve you when it's time to put your thinking cap on!  ​

3.  Your heart rate slows down.  When your heart rate is lowered it beats more efficiently.

4.  Your blood pressure is reduced.  A slower and controlled heart rate circulates the blood much better and transports more oxygenated blood to your cells.  It also is more efficient in returning deoxygenated blood to the lungs.

5.  Your circulatory system, of which the heart is a major part, functions better. The circulatory system is vital to your health.  It passes nutrients, like amino acids, electrolytes, and lymph, to and from your cells.  It also passes gases, hormones and blood cells to and from the cells in your body.  This is required in order to your body's temperature, pH, and help protect the body from disease.  All of this is to maintain your body's homeostasis, which is the body's ability to regulate itself physiologically.

6.  Your organs receive more nutrient rich blood, such as in the muscular, digestive, and reproductive systems.  Relaxation is key for digestion, excretion, and sexual arousal.

7.  Digestive secretions are increased which aide digestion.  "Rest and digest" is a common phrase to describe this effect of relaxation.

8.  Your blood sugar levels return to a normal range and are more easily controlled and maintained in relaxed states.  

9. You activate your relaxation response to achieve this deep state of relaxation.  This is one of the most important skills you will ever learn.  While sleep is the way we can rest and relax daily, it does not take us as deep as this active mental process.  This is a skill worth strengthening.  In this state you can reach an unwavering state of relaxation, calm, and mental focus. 


Think about a nightmare, for instance.  When we sleep we have dream cycles in which the heart and breath fluctuate according to the dream's events, and in disturbing dreams our bodies can easily react with a stress response.  You've arisen from a nightmare before in a panic.  You won't do that in conscious deep relaxation during yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep.  Engaging the relaxation response gets us into the deep state which we maintain in the process.  

10.  The parasympethic nervous system is engaged, rather than its counterpart the sympathetic nervous system, which is used in stressful situations.  When we are feeling stress, the body responds with a stress response, which is useful in the short term when absolutely necessary.  If the constrictions all through the body, namely constricted muscles and blood vessels paired with increased stress hormones are constant, however, there are definitive problems that occur.  Stress is the number one cause of death for this reason.  A chronic stress response is detrimental to the body and can exacerbate and create health issues.  Deep relaxation helps with health issues that worsen with ongoing stress, and can alleviate health concerns like gastrointestinal ailments, insomnia, fibromyalgia, hypertension, anxiety, and much more.

Yoga Nidra Workshop with Sandy

Restorative Yoga + Yoga Nidra


The first hour of the Yoga Nidra Workshop begins with 25 minutes of Restorative Yoga ​to relax the physical body.  Following, you'll lie down comfortably, close your eyes, and follow the sounds to help you reach an even deeper state of relaxation.  


If, however, you want the fullest and deepest experience, the two-hour workshop is the option you will want to choose!  After two hours of relaxation you'll feel different, changed, and yet much more like yourself.  I'm pretty confident you'll love it.  I get so relaxed just thinking about it!  

Restorative Yoga with Yoga Nidra 
Radiant Clarity Workshop 
with Sandy Naimou

YOGA NIDRA is a deep relaxed yet wakeful state, a "yogic sleep," through yoga, guided meditation & sound immersion. Those who fall asleep still receive all the benefits! Yes, it's that good!  


Yoga Nidra involves lying down and being aware of the sounds around you.​Imagine being in a deep sleep state but you are conscious and aware.  Some liken it to lucid dreaming, others describe it as the stage between being awake and falling asleep.  Yoga nidra is a yogic sleep, a deep state of pure relaxation where we have consciously engaged the relaxation response and go as deep as we can.  Imagine the end of a typical one hour yoga class where we rest lying down for a few minutes in "corpse pose" or ​savasana.  Been there?  ​Multiply that feeling by ten!  It's powerful! ​ The relaxation response is triggered with deep breathing, meditation, visualization, and sound. ​We'll be doing all of these. 

RESTORATIVE YOGA involves relaxing in longer held yoga postures with deep breathing, using props such as blocks and blankets, to work deep into the body thereby reaching a deep state of relaxation.


Restorative Yoga ​is a slower style of yoga that invites us into a deeper relaxed state than a slow flow or vinyasa yoga class.  It's called "restorative" because our bodies "restore" in a deep relaxation.  The muscles, joints, and limbs, the whole body, will know it and so will you.  During class, I'll be giving physical adjustments with gentle touch and massage using essential oils.

$10 - 1 Hour: Restorative Yoga
$25 - 2 Hour: Restorative Yoga + Yoga Nidra 

FIRST HOUR: Gentle restorative yoga to clear away tension in the physical body. You'll receive soothing physical adjustments using massage and essential oils.

SECOND HOUR: Guided meditation to journey deeper into a relaxing state where you'll hear me play sound healing instruments while you relax lying down, snuggled up, just absorbing the sounds, clearing away tension in the mind, and opening up to clarity in the heart.

Blankets and blocks will be provided.
Please bring a yoga mat and hydration. There will be tea. In case you'd like extra cozy nestling, bring blankets and/or pillows, an eye mask for darkness, or anything else your heart desires for comfort.

Autumn is here and winter is close! This is the time to ignite your inner light as we see less daylight, day by day. This class is for clearing the clouds in the mind, heart, and body. We will buzz into radiant clarity with the sounds of pure quartz crystal singing bowls. Sun was shining out, let sun shine in even brighter. Get the brain out of the way with sounds of spaciousness and emptiness in the songs of singing crystal bowls all around you. Shine shine brilliant radiance!

Imagine your mind as a spacious and vast sky, just like the one above you. There are times when this sky is filled with clouds of liquid droplets, frozen crystals, suspended particles keeping you from seeing the light above them and under them. Your physical body, your emotions, your thoughts, and all the tension in between, layer upon layer, clouding this sky and keeping you from seeing clearly. You've felt the difference between a "cloudy" and a "clear" mind. You already know what I mean!

This workshop, using pure quartz crystal singing bowls among other sound healing instruments, is about coming into clarity and the feeling of knowing. When we can clear our inner selves, we can more easily trust ourselves. We already know deep down inside, we just need to clear the overcast sky and see that internal flame. Seeing clearly in the mind and heart shines radiance into your life, so that everything all around, as if sparkling, looks different, even the darkness, the sadness and the pain. 

I hope you'll take time to join me to shine your clear heart!
Let the Mind's Radiant Clarity sparkle and tickle your bones. 


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6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.


The Theosophical Society

27745 Woodward Ave

Berkley, MI 48072

Bring items for comfort (yoga mat, hydration, maybe blanket(s), or pillow, etc! 

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