January 2016 Promotion

$10 off each weekly class for 7 weeks

Total of $70 in savings


To get the lowdown:



Quick answer?


TWO REASONS: You will watch...


1. your health care premiums and sick days go down.


2. productivity and job loyalty go up.

There isn't a quick fix to a sedentary job.


The body needs to move, strengthen, and stretch through the day to remedy and prevent aches and pains.  


The lungs need to fill up to capacity and empty out completely all day long.  


When you practice yoga you take care of your body, but you also you take full conscious breaths for the entire span of class.  You focus on breathing while you challenge your body.  


Eventually breathing properly

becomes muscle memory especially in the those stressful situations at work, like working on an approaching deadline, at a board meeting, a sales pitch, and dealing with a difficult client.


How does breathing properly help with stress?

When you breath deeply, you activate the relaxation response in your parasympathetic nervous system which makes you calm yet alert.  In that state, creativity and a higher level of productivity can play out with ease.   






You can make yoga classes a PERK for your employees and as a part of your 

WELLNESS package.

We can work with you based on your company's needs.  
Contact us today to make a positive change in your organization !
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You've been thinking about how to improve productivity at work.  


You've been thinking about how to keep health care costs down.


Making a change isn't as hard as you think.


Take advantage of this promotional rate.


Start 2016 with a wellness initiative.


Think of it as an experiment.

Think of it as the start to a new work environment.

 However you think of it, you'll only see change for the better.


Offering a weekly yoga class is a win-win situation.  The people who are the force behind a company's success may give their all to the company they work for at the expense of their health.  Eventually, this creates a cycle that feeds in negatively to their work which becomes less in quality over time.

Let yoga come to them.   Make it EASY for your employees to take care of themselves.  It will show through the quality of their work.

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