Mastering Rhythm

April 27, 2020

Estimated Time:

55 min


Low to medium intensity. Not much weight-bearing on the arms, if any, yet lots of toning for the arms. The focus today is on rhythm and setting an intention to make rhythmic connections.
"Rhythm is a great mystery, and a sense which one should develop more than anything else in life... In order to maintain a perfect condition in life one must be the master of rhythm." -Hazrat Inayat, "The Music of Life" ---------Monday class is lower intensity, slowly picking up energy through the week and lowering again for the weekend. Through the week the classes have a rhythm, each class has its rhythm, the body with its rhythm, and each breath has its rhythm. What of the soul? "The soul does not have its own rhythm." As Hazrat Inayat sees it, "The rhythm of the soul is influenced by the mind and by action." In our physical practice, we learn to master rhythm, working with both the mind and action.

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