Mid-Day Practice

March 31, 2020

Estimated Time:

59 min


Medium intensity - involve weight-bearing on the arms in many positions. While some positions can be changed to being on the forearms, other positions are a little more challenging to modify. Overall, it is a very gentle "vinyasa-like" practice.

When we do the specific exercise where I ask you use blocks or a chair, be sure that if using a chair it's very stable, so maybe a sofa is better.

The specific exercise referred to opens up the chest muscles that attach to the front of ribs 3-5 to a part of the scapula (pectoralis minor). These muscles helps lower shoulders and keep shoulder blades stable, in addition, helps with breathing, particularly in "forced inhalation and exhalation." Kristian Berg states that some symptoms of tightness in this region include: "Numbness and pain radiating into the arm; Symptoms similar to tennis elbow; Difficult inhaling deeply; Pain across the muscle (similar to symptoms of angina or heart attack).

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