Mid-day Yoga Live-stream Class

March 30, 2020

Estimated Time:

58 min


Physically helps neutralize, by strengthening and opening, all the sitting and usage of arms. Good for overall body - Activating upper back, opening chest, strengthening arms, opening shoulders, releasing front of thighs and hip flexors.
Class begins with a story of when I was practicing meditation in the Peace Garden of the TS in America and I began a mental exercise of being "the connector." We are connectors in very deep ways - we are connected - and our thoughts, feelings, actions, all are expressions and creators of this connectivity. Give yourself some time to experience this - a meditation practice... maybe after class.... Say mentally: "I am the connector..." and finish the sentence, and begin a with a new statement. By the end of this mediation in the garden I experienced layers of nature's rhythms around me as creating a perfect composition. A beautiful experience.

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