Restore, Strengthen & Share

May 17, 2020

Estimated Time:

1 hr 25 min


Lower intensity practice to help really open the body and help you RELAX and STRENGTHEN at the same time. Props will come in handy today; yoga blocks or books, firm pillow(s), firm blanket(s). Life is a process of true sharing; giving and receiving, accepting and letting go; receiving and releasing. All of life is connected, like one body, and so sharing must continue for life to be sustained. When this process stops, life struggles. How else would we eat, drink, breathe if the rest of the world were impenetrable and unwilling to give? Built into sharing is kindness, which characterizes the act itself. The moment we are unwilling to share, to give, and we want to hold on to what we think belongs to us, we need to take a good look and ask why. Why hold on? Why not let go? What are we afraid of? We can come to this understanding when we focus on the giving and letting go and watch the effects between us and the world and within ourselves.

© 2020 by Sandy Naimou