Restore & Strengthen

Balancing Your Activity

May 16, 2020

Estimated Time:

55 min


Lower to medium intensity practice to help really open the body and help you RELAX and STRENGTHEN at the same time. Props will come in handy today; yoga blocks or books, firm pillow(s), firm blanket(s). What does it mean to stay? Despite the discomfort we feel, can we stay? For some, relaxing is uncomfortable and almost intolerable. For others, strengthening is uncomfortable and almost intolerable. That experience is a blend of many things within us, but balancing the level of activity within ourselves takes time and effort to balance out.

If someone is overly active, Yogis say they are "rajasic" and if they overly inactive, they are "tamasic." That level of activity is an expression of energy manifesting itself within us. Is the energy high, chaotic and lacking rhythym (rajas) or hardly flowing, lazy, seemingly inert (tamas)? We want to find the perfect blend so we can stay, relaxed and active, and STAY. That state is not rajas or tamas, but sattva, in which we experience perfect balance and harmony. Sattva, in mind and body, occurs when we balance rajas and tamas. If you're interested in learning more about the three gunas, here's an online resource:

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