Restore & Strengthen - Live-stream Sunday

March 22, 2020

Estimated Time:

1 hr 27 min


A gentle practice existing with some challenge and movement, inspired by the motion of sap energy moving upwards through our trees as we move into spring. Also inspired by the following quote, sent to me by a dear friend: "Things will come and pass on. They do not come to stay. They are always on the move. One is neither attached nor detached from them; one simply looks on, standing in the heart of all movement without moving." -Lizelle Reymond and Sri Anirvan, from the book "To Live Within."

Physically, this practice helps with shoulders, upper back tension, overall back tension, inner and outer upper legs, and more.

Mentally, we are focusing the mind very specifically and in doing so, we strengthen our control and will over the mind. These days, we have to move forward and upwards even as we situate ourselves within the stillness.

Why is physical yoga so helpful, I often ask myself? It embodies the idea of the very quote above: through the physical body's movement we teach ourselves to witness it without identifying with it, to witness our emotions without identifying with them, and to be with what is without getting swept away, but firmly firmly "standing in the heart of all movement without moving."

As you move through this week, be awareness itself, experiencing itself in a body in the midst of a human drama. Remember to be still in the quiet, and witness the movement of life.

With Love,

© 2020 by Sandy Naimou