Transform NOW

April 3, 2020

Estimated Time:

58 min


Medium Intensity - stronger practice. Focuses on overall body, with special attention on twists, gentle back-bending, and strengthening back of the neck. Intensity Note: Some weight-bearing with sun salutations, so if "vinyasa" is not your cup of tea because of wrist or elbow injury, you can skip those. If it's a matter of shoulder/arm/core strength making it difficult, I suggest going for it to create strength.
Setting the intention in this practice teaches us to accept that we can transform NOW, in this very moment, and that the only thing holding us back from doing so is ourselves, particularly, where our minds have a hold. So, while physically you have a bind to twist, mentally let go of your self-imposed limitations and Be Now.

© 2020 by Sandy Naimou