Individual Yoga Classes

Imagine picking up an instrument for the first time and having a strong desire to play it.  You can teach yourself, with plenty of patience and lots of time.  Or you can find a teacher who will guide you, give you feedback, and accelerate your practice in a considerably shorter time.  This is the strong image that my teacher has planted in my mind, and I can attest to it on many levels. 


When you take an individual class, you can take your practice to the next level.  Whether you are completely new to yoga or have been practicing for years, once you find a guide that will tailor your practice, your practice will be accelerated. 

The Sessions

Setting Intentions

In the very first session we'll narrow down your motivation for practicing yoga and meditation and what you would like to gain from your practice overall.  We'll then create a positive intention out of that motivation which will be your guiding light through your upcoming journey.  


During this time we briefly discuss the value of keeping a journal during this process and how/if it is a tool that fits your practice.


In the following sessions we begin each meeting with a chat about what's going on in your life and what you would like to gain from your day's practice.


And then we move....

I encourage you to keep a journal during this yoga journey.


Your journal is the log for your journey.  Witness the journey.

Write it down!



Next, we practice asana, or physical poses and we breathe!


One-on-one sessions allow me to be completely present with your experiences, your motivations, and your physical needs, so I create the sequences of poses specifically for you.


Regarding physical needs, for example, if you are a golfer or runner we will focus on creating balance in the parts of your body that will be naturally tight from repetitive contraction of those muscle groups.  While guiding you through the poses, I'll be providing verbal and physical adjustments for alignment and cues for utilizing your breath.


The physical aspects of yoga are traditionally all to prepare for a comfortable meditation. Meditation is key to every yoga practice.  Following your asana practice I take you through a guided mediation.  


So many of our questions are answered by our inner guides, and once you recognize and honor that guide, you will find your answers.  Allow the self-awareness that you uncover to open up the joy in your life!

Review Insights

The session is nearing to an end.  We take a few minutes to go over any insights you may have had through your practice. 


I encourage you to keep a journal or log so that, especially after your practice, you take a few minutes to elaborate on those insights and how they may apply directly to your life as a whole.

Let your practice flourish...


Two class structures are available:


1 hour session - 40 minute asana, 5-10 minute meditation, 5-10 minute intention/insight discussion

$70 - 90 depending on location


1.5 hour session - 60 minute asana, 10-15 minute meditation, 10-15 minute intention/insight discussion

$100 - 120


Purchase 5 sessions and get 10% off.

Purchase 10 sessions and get 15% off.



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