Yoga as a Practical Path

January 20, 2020

"Yoga" signifies many things:  Higher states of consciousness that differ from our everyday waking life; a higher state of being; knowing ourselves in a more pure form; the actual "practice of yoga" which helps us reach these higher states of consciousness.


Yoga is a path to experiencing and realizing our True Nature.  This is the path of Self-realization.  It sounds all grand and lofty and we often say to ourselves: "Yah... right.  Not today.  I just want to be more active, lose a few pounds and get rid of my low back pain."


I understand that.  I began the practice for the physical aspect in 1997 first for those very reasons, and found, pretty quickly, that my mind, the mental aspect, was also impacted positively.  I felt a stronger sense of clarity and concentration as a result of the physical practice.  I didn't let myself go past the physical and surface mental levels until my 9-day-old son passed away and I needed answers. 


So, I want to let you know, I'm with you if you're skeptical and just want to feel better physically and experience less stress.  I will add that devoting yourself to the physical practice itself will deepen your overall practice over time.  


Yoga practice helps us answer the big questions.  What I really want to say to you is that the questions we ask ourselves, the deeper questions, are no different from what Yoga helps us realize.