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Let's practice Yoga online together & focus on being established in calm & peace.  Add your name below to join the growing list.  Classes are live-streamed daily and are donation-based.  

I also invite you to create a login for my website at the top of this page to access the recorded classes and practice at your conveniences.  Once you've signed up in this box AND request access to the site through the login box, I'll approve your status as a Site member.

Thank you for your donations and kind support.  Please be sure to notify me via e-mail or YouTube chat when you join class!

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Live-streams will be available for 24 hours after each session as of March 30, 2020.  After that, I post them on this website.  You can access recordings by filling out your info to the left, and creating a login here: 
It'll take 24-48 hours for me to approve you and send you the info you need.

Live-stream Schedule

as of March 15, 2020 and updated regularly

Monday - Friday           11:00 am - 11:50 am Class description

Saturday & Sunday       10:00 am - 11:15 am

Class description

Let's get together online and focus on the need to be established in calm and peace.

Add your name above to stay up to date on class schedules and access.   You'll get class updates, occasional correspondence from me, and the recorded practices so you can practice at your convenience.  

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At this time classes are donation-based, per class or weekly, I'm leaving this up to you!  I do appreciate your support so I can continue this work and those who are unable to pay at this time can still practice.  Donation info. will be e-mailed to you.

Monday - Friday Classes

Though relaxation is always the emphasis in the class I teach, the intensity of the classes crescendo for the week in a way.  Monday starts off a little more gently, holding postures a little longer and going slowly.  Moving into Tuesday and through the week we incorporate more standing and weight-bearing.  I do my best to give variations so all levels and all bodies can practice.  It really helps if I know you're coming to class and if you have any specific issues that prevents your range of movement or ability to bear weight, so I can verbalize specific modifications which is bound to help someone else as well. Please e-mail me with this information, especially if we haven't practiced together in-person. 

Saturday / Sunday  Classes

I call these "Restore & Strengthen" classes.  Here, the emphasis is even more on relaxation, time exploring postures, and some strengthening. It's helpful to have blocks for these classes, or pillows/blankets if not blocks, nothing crazy, even an extra rolled up yoga mat if you have one instead of blocks. The structure and content of this class is aimed toward finding that deep peace within ourselves that is always there, a peace, a quiet, that is not anything like the ever-changing world around us, which we are in the midst of experiencing in an even more pronounced way than before.


On a physical level, deeper relaxation promotes the body's ability to restore, regenerate, and regulate itself more effectively. On a mental level, we are talking about a real sense of calm that is free of worry, fear, anxiety, and mental tension.


The classes also include some chanting which the Sunday class is accustomed to as we've been practicing together for some time (in-person!). You can listen or join in, all or part of the chants, making for more of a traditional practice. I do have a recording or two to help on pronunciation and melody. In case you'd like those, please e-mail me.


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