Stress Management at Work for Clarity, Creativity, & Productivity

Practical Techniques to Help You Relax at Work and Love Your Job

An Interactive Discussion with Sandy Naimou, M.L.A.

Let work be a source that gives you & your employees energy rather than a source that drains it.  Implement the strategies that Sandy covers in this interactive talk to feel more connected & committed to work & coworkers.


Whether you work for yourself or someone else, feeling stressed out because of work is becoming a dangerous norm according to multiple studies.  Similar research reports how work stress affects health, ranging from back pain, to being overweight, to carpal tunnel syndrome and even stroke.


Even if you love your work, odds are you feel work-related pressures, such as managing finances, deadlines, or difficult coworkers and clients.  Sitting at a computer, in itself, for long periods of time affects your body in detrimental ways if not looked after.


In this talk, we discuss stress and its effects.  We’ll cover how to manage stress and how to break thought patterns and habits that contribute to stress. Techniques for dealing with “stressful” situations, such as giving presentations and dealing with difficult people will be shared.  We’ll also demonstrate important stretches that can be done in your office chair to relieve stress, prevent poor posture, tight muscles, and poor circulation that can result in chronic health conditions. 

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