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This is NOT the Vision Board you think you know.





The Creative Energy Vision Board Practice is more than creating a vision board in a group setting.  In this meet-up you will discover some of the blocks in your subconscious mind preventing you from success so that you can create an authentic board with your true vision for your life.   


This is an introductory content rich class to a more in-depth program.   


This program is about understanding your deep-seated core beliefs about your purpose, relationships, money, abundance, love, career, self-expression, and more.


This program is about separating the core beliefs that you INHERITED from your parents and society from what is actually TRUE for you.  


You'll leave this class with not only your own authentic physical vision board, but also with the tools to


1.  Pinpoint blocks to your success, such as your subconscious thoughts on money, career & relationships and more


2.  Clear the blocks preventing your success


3.  Know in your bones when something is right for you


4. Clear fears & doubts on the spot preventing your success


The goal is to meet your true authentic self and desires THROUGH the techniques that make up what I am introducing to you as The Vision Board Practice.  This is the practice that literally changed my life and I know it can change yours if you allow it. 


You WILL LEARN REAL TOOLS to engage your authentic self and create a living document that is your vision board. 


This class is for you if you: 


  • Want to create an authentic vision board for 2016

  • Want to have the proper mindset to activate the board and MAKE IT WORK

  • Are ready to be an active reality creator through your awareness & action steps



A vision board is a creative way to set your intentions and goals for an abundant year.


The vision board is a LIVING DOCUMENT that grows and changes WITH YOU.  It is your gateway to seeing your future in advance and then watching that future unfold in front of your eyes.  


What is a vision board NOT?  


A vision board IS NOT AN ART PROJECT that will sit at the BOTTOM OF YOUR CLOSET FOR 350 DAYS IN THE YEAR.  And if it is, then you're doing it WRONG.


The workshop


This workshop offers tools to help your vision board for 2016 and beyond, to create a VISION THAT PLAYS OUT IN REAL LIFE.


Just making a board does not guarantee overnight success.  I've tried it and I know it doesn't work.  Just trying to "manifest" what you want doesn't work either!  I've tried that too!!  This is the only goal-setting intention-setting technique that has ever worked for me at this scale.


Maybe none of the previous techniques worked because I was so heavily BLOCKED by ineffective thought patterns & habits that I didn't believe anything I put on my board would ever come true anyway, so it just didn't.  


This program helps you recognize and REMOVES THOSE BLOCKS to prevent such self-sabotage. 


Getting what you want is A PRACTICE that you will learn in this class. 


Learn the practice to activate your vision board and all of your dreams within it.


This is an introductory class to a program that will help you:


• Learn what deep seated thoughts and beliefs about the world are blocking you from getting what you want.  


• Clear those blocks in your subconscious mind so you can believe that your dreams can come to fruition so that they can!


• Open up to your inner guidance with an accessible meditation that you can take anywhere anytime 


• Learn how to clear any fears and doubts you may have on the spot 


• Create a vision board and set a regular PRACTICE for engaging it daily and making it WORK!








Once you sign-up, you will receive an e-mail within 24 hours to prep. you on what you'll need to bring to the class and get you in touch with me so that we can determine if you are best served by a graphic vision board or a written one. We all process information and learn differently, so it's important to honor that so that so you get the most out of this practice.  


If you're a writer, for example, you might be better off bringing a laptop to create a WRITTEN vision board.  If you tend to be more of a visual learner, however, creating a physical board with magazine cut-outs may serve you best.


REMEMBER!  The vision board is not a piece of art.  


The vision board is a LIVING DOCUMENT that grows and changes WITH YOU. It is your gateway to visualizing your future in advance and then watching that future unfold in front of your eyes.  


I hope you'll join me in this amazing journey!








When I decided to teach yoga in 2010, I did it because I felt a strong desire to SHARE with others the tools that drastically changed my life over 13 years.  The benefits of yoga were most notable in the darkest challenge I had faced up to that point, the loss of my newborn son to heart and blood complications in 2010.  

After that followed a series of more life challenges in work and marriage.  In January 2015, I became acquainted with transformative tools that deepened a healthier relationship with myself.  The tools rapidly changed stale thinking and behavior, at best, and self-defeating thinking and self-sabotaging behavior, at worse.   I transformed challenges into true self-empowerment. 


Once again, I felt that same intense desire to share tools that drastically changed my life forever.  These strategies, rooted in meditation above all else,  literally FLIPPED MY LIFE into the life I wanted in a short time. 


For 20 years I had been trying to find my life purpose.  Meaning and purpose were somewhere, but where?  Why am I here? What kind of career suits me best? Why do all of my peers know their career goals and I have the slightest of clues?  Why aren't I happy working for someone else? 


Why have I tried so many things only to not yet have found my calling?  Why am I not happy, and even depressed, now that I'm self-employed and own my own food business when I worked so hard to get to this point?  Why is it so hard for me to know or admit what I REALLY want?  What DO I WANT and how do I get it once I know WHAT that is?


In the summer of 2014 after having opened a new business six months prior, the world around me seemed to be falling into pieces.  It wasn't until the end of 2014 that I realized something was completely off in my life and I needed to pinpoint it and change it.  I realized I was chasing someone else's dream and helping them get that dream, and that I was ignoring the burning desires inside of myself because I didn't think I was good enough to follow my own dreams.  


My confidence was totally shaken and I didn't even know it.  Something had to change.  Was it me or was it my situation that had to change?  It was clearly both!  I took some leaps and began making huge investments in myself to help me understand all of my questions and more.  


At the start of 2015 I re-envisioned my life with a whole new state of mind based on the programs I immersed myself in.  I wasn't even 100% clear on what my vision was.  In fact, part of my vision was GETTING CLEAR on the vision itself!  


Throughout 2015, my vision gained more and more momentum going strong at a very fast-pace after having removed my blocks.  My vision gained more and more clarity.  My thoughts and actions became more and more potent once I learned how to turn the gears in various arenas of my life to flip desire into reality. 


I now know my purpose and have the confidence I need to see it through.  I teach yoga and workshops full-time as my mission to support people in their journeys towards self-growth and reaching their full potential.  This mission is no different than what I've always wanted in my life, I just didn't believe that this could be AN OPTION because I spent my life believing the fears and doubts of others!  And I've proven all of those unfounded beliefs to be totally UNTRUE.


My life changed through The Vision Board Practice and other techniques that I want to share with you.


Through the many programs I've invested in and committed to, and from the successes and huge LEAPS that I have experienced and CONTINUE to experience, I've put together some of the key elements of these programs to help others like you.


It would be SELFISH for me to not share these techniques.  


The world is ABUNDANT and it's imperative that this abundance is SHARED!









​"I had plenty of ideas, inspiring thoughts and goals but how to  implement them and make them my reality was the one piece I was missing.  After taking Sandy’s vision board class, I was instantly inspired to make those goals and ideas my reality through this vision board practice.  Sandy’s classes provided me with powerful strategies to stay focused and positively driven. Through this vision board journey, I am digging deep to learn more about myself and my life purpose.  I am weeding out all negativity that is in my way. This exercise is more than just trying to accomplish your goals. It’s a daily practice."

Danielle Andresen

"Sandy's classes have changed the way I set and achieve my personal and professional goals. Using sandy's techniques has helped me to live authentically with vigor and passion. Sandy brings pure joy and energy to each class and you can't help but feel inspired and rejuvenated. The vision board practice helps to reaffirm the power in all of us and helps us take control of our inner world by retraining our minds and removing blocks so that we may live a successful, purposeful life."

Brandie Reed

"I was looking forward to The Vision Board Practice workshop because I wanted to get my goals in order and have a way to implement them. Sandy did a phenomenal job breaking down the material piece by piece and having you think about your goals with direction! She is a very eloquent speaker and kept me engaged and inspired the entire time. I think what was also important is the follow through even after the class. She follows up with you and is open to any questions. I am looking forward to more individualized workshops to further break down the content. Thank you Sandy!"

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