Yoga is ultimately a practice self-awareness.  I bring a balanced high energy with a restorative calm and stillness to facilitate that awareness within each individual I teach.  I approach each session with the understanding that each of us is unique and always changing and I remind my students to embrace and honor these qualities.  While private classes are highly individualized, in the group environment I offer clear instructions for beginners, modifications and adjustments for all appropriate levels so that each individual benefits from each and every posture.  A major function of yoga is also releasing tension and stress and becoming resilient to stressors “off the mat,” which is a constant focus for my classes, especially those in the workplace. 


Transform your workplace with yoga and meditation classes taught on-site.  


Deepen your home practice with one-on-one private yoga that will change and uplift your world.


Experience truth through powerful self-awareness techniques with the power of journaling and yoga combined.

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